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The past few weeks have been busy, and yet, we didn't go very far!

We've returned to Todos Santos for a few days to deal with our little side project (more on this later), then we returned to Los Barriles for some mountain biking. We spent a couple of nights a Punta Pescadero, which is a fabulous beach with great snorkelling.

From Los Barriles, we travelled south inland and went for a complete change of scenery and headed to El Chorro Canyon. We had a fantastic couple of days exploring the canyon and swimming in the pools (some warm, some a bit colder). The camping area was fantastic and quiet, except for a herd of cows that came to visit in the evening.

From El Chorro, we continued south back toward civilization and resupplied in San Jose Del Cabo. We spent the night on a beach in the busy area in the Los Cabos corridor. The next day, we headed back to Todos Santos to take possession of the fabulous house we rented for 3 nights for Alexia's birthday.

We wanted to celebrate Alexia's birthday the right way as this marked an important milestone. The house was fantastic. It has a huge outdoor living area with a pool, hot tub, fire pit, hammocks, and it was located on a 8 acres property so it was very private. The pool was amazing.

We also went to a couple of great restaurants in Todos Santos; Jazamango and Oysteria.

On the last day of the 3 day birthday extravaganza, we went on a off-road adventure for Todos Santos to El Triunfo and back on a super decked out side by side off road machine. We drove thru canyons and valleys, farms and villages. We even bought some freshly made goat cheese at a small farm and pet the cute baby goat!

The day after, it was time to head back to reality and back in the van, so we spent a couple of nights at La Pastora Beach in Todos Santos (a spot popular with Overlanders), before we headed back to Cabo to visit our friends Neilsen & Maria.

From Cabo, we headed North to El Sargento/La Ventana for some mountain biking on some of the best trails in Baja.

We're now back in La Paz and getting ready to leave the southernmost part of Baja and finally start the long trek north.

We are planning to explore many places we didn't visit on the way down as we were then in search of the warmer weather...


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