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Two weeks already since our last blog post. We left San Ignacio on January 9th and continued heading south on the Transpeninsular Highway towards Santa Rosalia and Bahia de Conception. After a quick stop for lunch in Mulege (we had awesome fish and octopus tacos), we stopped for the night at Playa El Coyote, and enjoyed the calm green waters of the bay. We watched the pelicans dive for fish, and bought some scallops & tamales from local vendors for a great dinner.

After a great morning at El Coyote, we drove a bit further and found a secluded beach that made a great campsite for the night. The unnamed beach had an unlimited supply of firewood so we enjoyed a great campfire that evening.

The next day we made our way to the charming town of Loreto, where we resupplied (groceries, water) and did our weekly laundry. We camped on yet another secluded beach that night, and returned to Loreto the next day to visit the old town and the mission.

After an early lunch, we headed south again, and made a turn towards the very remote Agua Verde. The road to Agua Verde is paved for the first 25 kilometers, then it turns to a bumpy and steep 4x4 track, but the bumpy ride was worth it as we ended up spending 2 days on a great beach by ourselves, completely off the grid. Laurent was even able to use his OneWheel on the beach.

“There are about 30,000 days in your life. By age 25, I realized I was over 9,000 days down. There are no warm-ups, no practice rounds, no reset buttons. Your biggest risk isn’t failing. It’s getting too comfortable. Every day, we’re writing a few more words of a story. I wanted my story to be an adventure, and that’s made all the difference.”

We eventually left Agua Verde and got back to civilization in La Paz. We checked in into a campground (which we usually avoid), to do some fixes in the van (water heater issues), re-supply, and use the showers, wifi…etc.

We met some more travelers there: a couple from Switzerland we already met before at Bahia de Los Angeles, a couple from Belgium, and a family from France.

We spent a couple of days in La Paz, enjoyed walking the Malecon, and then we headed back on the road to one of our favorite spot in Baja California: Todos Santos.

We really enjoy walking the cute cobblestone streets of Todos Santos, checking out the art stores, and the cool brick buildings.

I (Alexia) went for a mountain bike ride on the Sierra Madre trail network, and the next day we spent the day at the beach in Los Cerritos. We rented a surfboard (we chose to leave our surfboards in Squamish and rent instead)


After a few days in Todos Santos, we decided to hit the road again, we drove back north a bit, and made a stop in the former mining town of El Triunfo. We walked around town, checked out the ruins and chatted with a few locals, and hopped in the van again to head towards La Ventana/El Sargento for some mountain biking.

We found a spot to park (for the night) near the trail head) so I (Alexia) went out for a long ride. I climbed for a while but I was rewarded with amazing views of the Sea of Cortez and a very long descent.

Since La Ventana has some fun mountain bike trails, I went out and rode again the next morning before we made our way to Los Barilles.

We re-supplied in Los Barilles (we have a small fridge), and headed north along the coast, and found yet another great beach to set up camp for a couple of days (this is where we are as I am writing this)

Last night, we enjoyed a the beach with a sunset walk, today we paddled (with the packraft), went for a dip, saw some cool fishes and spent most of our time just hanging out and relaxing.

Tomorrow, we hit the road again… we’ll see where Mr Coconut takes us!


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