• Alexia Droz

Mexico, here we come!

It's been 2 weeks since we left our hometown of Squamish, British Columbia. We escaped the freezing temperatures right after the first winter storm dumped nearly two feet of snow on Squamish & Howe Sound.

Right after hitting the road, temperatures dropped to -15 degrees Celsius in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, so we decided to stay on the coast for our trip South.

South of Seattle we turned right and headed for Hwy 101 through the coast to Washington, Oregon, and California. We had all kinds of weather but luckily no snow.

We boondocked in a bunch of interesting places, from forest roads on the coast of Oregon, to a vista point overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to side streets in Southern California.

During these first 2 weeks we also gathered the few missing pieces to our overland set up, such as a small safe, a new gas stove, and a propane tank.

A few days ago we also bought the very essential vehicle insurance for Mexico as our Canadian insurance only covers Canada & the USA.

But the most important thing is that we are finally learning to slow down and take our sweet time. We have many overland trips and road trips under our belt, but we've always had the nasty habit of rushing everywhere. Now that we have time and we have no set schedule, we are slowly learning to take it easy and enjoy

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

Tomorrow we are crossing the border into Baja at Tecate. We are really looking forward to amazing fish tacos, epic beach camps, and once again, travel slow... very slow.

We have no set plans for the next few months, we may or may not take the ferry to mainland Mexico... we'll see where Coconut takes us.


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