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Last blog entry left us around Punta Pescadero late January. Coconut took us back to Todos Santos for a few days then we drove South along the Pacific Coast and spent a night a La Curva de Soldado where we spent most of the days watching the whales jumping in and out of the water from the beach.

The next day, we continued along towards Cabo San Lucas, and for the first time in a while, we experienced the traffic and craziness of a big busy city. We decided to continue on towards San Jose del Cabo and walked the colourful streets of the historical downtown.

We resupplied at a big supermarket before continuing on towards Cabo Plumo national park. The road quickly turned from asphalt to dirt and became quite bumpy. These are the times when we're glad we upgraded the suspension & shocks on the Sprinter.

Again, we watched the whales from the shore and enjoyed a nice evening barbecuing on the beach.

We moved on the next day and continued North towards Cabo Plumo. That night we camped on the edge of the National Park and gathered a bunch of driftwood on the beach for an epic campfire.

The next morning we moved on and continued on the bumpy dirt road towards La Ribera. It was still early in the day, and the temps were still cool so we decided to drive a few more kilometres towards Los Barriles so I (Alexia) could go for a mountain bike ride.

The trails in Los Barriles are super fun and I had a great 2 hour ride among the cactuses.

After the ride, we continued North past Los Barriles as we wanted to return to a great beach we camped on a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was quite busy and we decided to move on and find a quieter spot. We drove on the dirt road for a while and found a trail on our right heading towards the water. We drove a few hundred meters on a narrow bumpy trail and found a quiet spot to settle for the night.

Since we weren't far from La Paz, we decided to go back to the campground for some much needed cleaning/laundry/showers/wifi. We were planning to stay one night only, and ended up staying three nights! It's a very well maintained facility and it's a very chill place to relax. It's also a fun and social spots as many overlanders come by here for the same reasons, so we spend a good amount of time just chatting with pretty much everyone.

Then it was time for the 3rd edition of "Escapar a la Baja", an annual event taking place near La Paz, at El Telecote beach. "Escapar is a gathering of overlanders / van lifers. This past weekend, 250 vehicles showed up for "Escapar", and it was a great party on the beach, as well as a bunch of other events such as: beach clean up, hikes, SUP, OneWheel races...On the last night, there was a huge party on the beach with a bonfire. Super fun.

After Escapar, we went back to our favourite hang out of Todos Santos to take care of a little project we have (which we will talk about later).

This concludes our 8th week on the road. We are planing on spending the next 2 to 3 weeks in this area (the Southern tip of Baja), and then we will likely point Coconut north as the weather is now warming up.


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